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RCC Condensers

Quality Pultruded FRP condensers for strength and

corrosion resistance

Australia's leading Cooling Tower manufacturer! BAC Australia' s Series RC Series RCC Condensers are a proven cost-effective method of condensing industrial reprigerants. The RCC condenser is a home grown product providing all of your cooling needs in one package. The RCC condenser has the highest amount of cooling and features in the most compact footprint in the industry. It an ideal solution for applications where space is at a premium. This counter flow, axial fan, induced draft, pultruded fiberglass construction product has the best access in the business with a full size Access Panel. This product is Highly Configurable, provides great access for maintenance, and is available in FRP or stainless cold water basin types. Minimize your system energy, maintenance, and installation costs with the RCC condenser is an well known industry standard for IR heat rejection. The use of high strength Pultruded Composite components for the primary structure combined with B.A.C.’s patented Bonded Panel to Post Connection offers many advantages over conventional hand laid or chopped strand fibreglass construction methods. Pultruded composites possess a superior strength to weight ratio of up to five times that of chopped strand fibreglass. The large access panel is fitted with easily removable knobs. Removing the access panel does not require any tools or dismantling of the unit structure, providing unparalleled access to all of the coil and other internal components for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. That's real compliance to AS/NZS 3666 Microbiological control and cleaning access as the standard and guidelines intend. Don't be caught wanting for service or on the wrong end of an outbreak due to poor cleaning due to access.

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